On Screen Advertising

Screen Advertising

Get your business seen on the big screen!


A powerful and emotive way to promote your brand and connect to a captive audience.
A cost effective tool for brand and product awareness.


All Screens

Dominating all cinema screens including Showcase Premium and in turn dominate the total audience at Regent Cinemas. New innovation to build, reach and quickly create mass awareness of your ad in the cinema environment.


Showcase Premium and Showcase Theatres

Add a touch of luxury to your branding with Regent Showcase and Showcase Premium. The premium environment of our Showcase Cinemas linked with the lexcellence of your brand, can work together to target our aspirational lifestyle customers and provide you the perfect exposure.



Revieve incredible bonuses - from movie tickets to private screenings when you book Screen Advertising with Regent Cinemas.


Screen Advertising Brochure



Film Sponsorship

The Last ad our patrons see, is usually the first thing they recall

If advertising a full 6 or 12 months does not suit your needs or budget, consider sponsoring specific films that directly attract the target audience your business needs.


Film sponsorship will showcase your ad between the last trailer and the feature presentation. This positioning provides you with the most premium of advertising with a film that both relates and reflects your business as well as directly capturing your target audience.

Film sponsorship is based on a minimum 4 week campaign, but if the film you’re sponsoring runs for a longer period of time, so does the ad, for FREE!


Individual movies can be targeted for advertising, which is ideal when creative commonality or synergy exists between the product advertised and a particular movie.


Film Sponsorship Brochure