How to host a fundraiser



Hosting your own film fundraiser screening at Regent Cinemas is a fantastic way to bring in money for your

group. Regent Cinemas offer a great fundraising program that makes it simply to sell tickets and raise your

required funds. Who doesn’t like to be entertained, while helping a useful cause as the same time!!

There is no restriction on how many film fundraisers you can run during the year. Movies are always

changing, giving you the option of targeting different demographic groups.



Where to start?


★ Pick an appropriate movie for your audience. The choice can make or break your fundraising.

★ Book your fundraiser screening close to the official release date, to minimise people seeing the

movie before your screening.

★ Choose your date carefully with no clashing of football games, school holidays, or other events

that may mean people cannot attend.

★ Choose the timing carefully – for instance, late afternoon movies are better for younger audiences.

★ Be reasonable in your pricing of tickets – $2 can make a big difference!

★ Have fun!


Download our fundraising brochure and application form